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The Multi Purpose Cake Board - Square


Never again will you need to use multiple cake cards and rulers to make sure your cake is even when stacking.


Ive designed the perfect essential tool to elimate all the stress and multiple products into one handy and easy to use guide.

Precision score areas allows you to mark out perfect placement so when stacking all your tiers are central and exact the whole way around.


In addition the board includes marker placements for dowels alongside a central dowel option.


Available in 2 width sizes - 14" & 9"


Each board is marked from 4" to 14" or 9" in 1inch increments.


Made from 3mm thick acrylic this is fully reusable.

Hand wash only.





As a guide, when placing dowels I like to place them 1" in from the edge of the tier that will be sitting on top - For example, if using a 10" cake with an 8" tier on top, i will mark the cake using a dresden tool or equivalent using the guide on the board at 8".

Once marked i use the dowel guide at 7" so that the dowels will then rest inside.

The dowel guide has 2 markings per size opposite each other for easy access. I place like a clock face at 12,3,6 & 9 and then go one in between plus the centre.

Place the 7" dowel hole guide at 12 to begin and either place your dowel directly in or indent the icing, repeat for 6. Next spin the board until the numbers are now directly over the dowel mark you've made and then indent at 7" again. This will give you an indent in between 12/3 & 6/9. 

Spin once again until the numbers are over the new dowel indent and the dowel hole should now be covering 3.

Remove the board and add your dowels.

If the cake is 6 or 5" I use the 4 holes in the centre.


For a live video tutorial please join our Facebook group

** Disclaimer - Whilst every duty of care is provided for our acrylic products some surface scratches may be present or occur during use. All products are thoroughly sanitised before packaging so they are ready to use.

Square Multi Purpose Cake Board

VAT Included
  • We offer a 30 day return policy for products that have been unused.

    Please contact us for a returns label.

    We offer a 90 day replacement for broken products such as individual cutters (not full sets) caused by defect only such as broken blade. Photographic evidence will be required before approval of replacement.

    Please ensure you thoroughly check your cutters and acrylic products upon receiving to ensure no damage has occurred during transit.

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