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The Dahlia Collection - Sugar Flower Class - £80

  • 23Steps


▫️Packed full of information to learn 4 flowers! - Cafe Au Lait - PomPom Ball - Peaches n’ Cream - Onesta ▫️Each of these flowers are from the same dahlia family but all have their own uniquely shape and colouring. ▫️In this pre recorded class, I’m going to take you through all the steps to create these stunning flowers. ▫️I’m sharing all my hints and tips on how to create realism and bring your flowers to life. ▫️This class will be broken down in easy to view sections so you can watch as many times as you like, selecting where to stop and start. ▫️Also included in this class will be written instructions along links to all our tools and materials used. ▪️This class is yours for LIFE! Watch it whenever, wherever and for how ever long you wish. 🔴Disclaimer - MUST READ 🔴 This class is made up of pre recorded videos broken down in to easy to follow steps. This class is exclusively for personal use only. No materials - from the videos to the notes are to be shared or replicated AT ALL. This class has also not to be retaught by anyone other than Cakes-n-Crafts ltd. This is a paid for class and anyone unlawfully sharing our content will be removed indefinitely with no refunds. In addition to this class additional sugarcraft items will be required. Purchasing these is at your own discretion. We will be using our own cutter brand available in the shop tab.

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